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AZORA TRADING AND MARKETING OPC started as an online clothing shop in 2019 by Mr. Rois Rodriguezwhich is now the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

On that same year, the company started working with a known brand which paved way in turning an online clothing shop to a One Person Corporation in 2020.

Come 2021, from 1 brand inside 2 online platforms, the company is now managing 6 brands inside 5 different online platforms.
ALTHOUGH, ecommerce and digital marketing are winning the prize, it is essential that businesses focus on offline or traditional marketing equally. With the seamless balancing of both the marketing techniques, ecommerce has led a way to enhance marketing strategies.
VISION is to enable brands for sustainable growth and development both in the offline trade and digital space.

core business is the integration of different brands to online retail platforms using multichannel marketing solutions.

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